Unprecedented Times

Panic doesn’t help with things like the current pandemic. Stay calm and focused.

All the shutdowns, cancellations, closings, and quarantine quarters have me dumbfounded. Never in all my years of life have I ever witnessed anything of this proportion. People are genuinely scared and wondering when they will be able to return back to a normalcy of life. The corona virus is something that none of us have ever in history had to deal with until now.

I spoke to one of my customers earlier today who had broken her hip. She stated she didn’t do well being cooped up and this virus isn’t helping matters. What concerns me is that with all of the social distancing that is occurring, depression and anxiety are very real matters. Many people need the interaction with others in order to keep a sense of normalcy in their lives.

During my lifetime, I have never experienced such a hysteria with toilet paper and cleaning supplies. For the first time I can remember, churches, schools, restaurants and bars, businesses, social gatherings, public forums, and other venues are all being cancelled. People are being encouraged to stay put and not interact with others.

I’m not one to usually panic at things. And I refuse to allow this virus to make me panic but it does raise several concerns. One of which is even with self quarantine, it doesn’t help when other people are out spreading the virus to unsuspecting folks. I’ve seen a lot of people go out and act as if the virus won’t affect them. Washing our hands should be a common sense thing. Yet, many people don’t do it regularly.

I keep hearing how we should all stay calm and don’t panic. Yet, when I go to the stores, I’ve seen a lot of panic buying. It’s truly shocking to see the behavior with some people. People are understandably scared. No one knows how long this will last.

As I have listened to the celebrities who have received a positive diagnosis, it reminds me that none of us are unaffected. I’ve watched as our government take its own sweet time coming to an agreement to help people out financially. It’s led me to wonder how can I use my time wisely during this outbreak? I still have to work. Thankfully, I still have a job but there are many right now who are out of work and struggling. Even those of us still working are wondering how long it will be until our jobs are not there.

A major dilemma that most of us are facing is how do we use our time productively during this time? I read a blog recently that suggested limiting our news intake. I have to agree with this. I’ve found that when all I do is listen to the news, I tend to get brought down. I don’t like having dead air and many times I have the tv on in the background to help me pass the time. The problem has become that when I’ve played the television consistently, that breaking news about the virus is coming on frequently. It makes me stop what I’m doing, listen to the reports, and then I am completely unfocused on what I started. Sound familiar? I guess it boils down to priorities. Our mindsets are critical right now. I’ve heard so much mudslinging from both sides of the political spectrum that I’m glad I am and Independent. I’ve seen toddlers act with better manners than I have many of our politicians and that’s saying something.

Take time for yourself. You are important. I can’t stress this enough. There’s only one you. You have gifts that are unique to you. If you don’t recharge your own batteries, then you aren’t going to be able to come through for your profession, your relationships, and most importantly yourself. Take the time to gather your thoughts, worries, fears, joys, and important things in your life that you treasure the most. It’s important to remember that you are unique and special.

Use your energy for specified projects. This is where planning, goals, and implementation are so important. We have more time on our hands now so why not make the most of the time? Got a room that needs cleaning out? There’s never been a more productive time than now. Do you have a story you want to write? How about just sitting down and letting the words pour out? Maybe you want to be a better cook? It’s a great time to learn.

These days really are unprecedented times. What we do with these days are completely our choice. I don’t know about all of you, but I intend to use this time to retool my way of thinking. I’m willing to learn new things and grow out of my comfort zone.

Everyone stay safe and well. Keep the patience going. We are all dealing with uncharted territory.

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