Inner Sanctuary

Create your own sanctuary.

What does it really mean to have an inner sanctuary? In the traditional sense, a sanctuary is often viewed as a place to gather for worship. I think that’s only a part of what a sanctuary can truly represent. Some people in this world, view a sanctuary as a sacred place for themselves. It doesn’t have to be faith based. It can be the outdoors using nature as its cathedral. It can be a place or a thing that makes people feel that they can find their inner peace. No matter what, a person’s sanctuary is a refuge for them. It’s their safe place. It’s walls can be imaginary or real but the important thing is that we all find some type of peace within ourselves.

Our world today consists of more anger and tormented emotions than ever before. Societies are seeing an increase in violence. Political communities are rising with more division than ever. Arguments are being made as to the well being of the state of our countries and our worlds. Sometimes it gets really difficult to stay focused on keeping yourself from falling prey to the negativity that surrounds us daily.

I was looking for some ways to help create my own inner sanctuary and I found some of the following tips that might help you as well. One of the first things I found was to Get Rid of the Noise. Why is this important? It’s really difficult to calm down and have a sense of peace when you have a zillion interruptions going on. Ever since I saw the movie The War Room, I’ve been telling myself that I needed to create my own space in order to pray, meditate, reflect and restructure my thoughts and feelings so that I could have a closer relationship with not only God but with myself. It’s easy to get off track in this world. Sometimes it’s more of a challenge to find the track when you are trying to stand but you’re too weak and wobbly to run. Silence is often one of the loudest forms of communication that we can achieve. We just have to be open to what we hear when nothing is said.

Next we have the issue of Technology. I am horrible about being on the computer for long periods of time. I’m glued to my phone a lot and I use technology almost too much. When the power goes out, I feel out of sync. One thing I’m learning is that if I de-stress and unwind about an hour or two before calling it a night, I tend to sleep better. With better sleep comes better rest and with better rest, I can be more alert, make better decisions and not be as cranky. It’s just a matter of prioritizing.

Maintain a healthy diet along with exercise. This has become the norm. We’re all told repeatedly to do this and many people are doing a better job with this. I’m a work in progress. I am a very picky eater and don’t always exercise like I should. Depression and anxiety have been a very difficult beast for me to slay and unfortunately, I don’t always win the battle. Being aware of the issue is only half the battle. Getting myself to actually get out there and change habits is difficult but I’m doing it.

Find a space that’s for you and you alone. If you have kids, find somewhere either in your home or for when the kids are at school that you can take some you time. It’s rare but you need to make time for you. If you don’t have kids and have your favorite spots, great. Use them. If you are religious and want to be at a church, do it. Do whatever you feel is right for you. No one lives your life but you. You have to take care of yourself not just physically but emotionally. Without the proper care for yourself, it will be difficult to maintain life balance.

Research everything. There’s so many resources out there to help you with ideas for your own sanctuary. You know your likes better than anyone. Create your own safe haven.

Leave all your baggage behind. When you go to your sanctuary, do not bring your problems with you. Leave them at the door. This is time for you to free your mind from all the clutter of problems and issues you are facing. The best way to figure out solutions is to drop the baggage and let your mind clear itself. Sometimes that is the best medicine for our ailments in our lives. When all we do is focus on what’s wrong, then we can’t allow the good things in our lives to shine through. I can guarantee you that the problems in your lives may be big or small, but if you don’t allow yourself a chance to change your focus that you will have some type of blockage that isn’t allowing you to see solutions. Stepping away and changing your focus can be a huge solution.

Last but not least, you aren’t alone. There are billions of people in this world with things that are heavy on their minds and hearts. They too are finding ways to clear their minds and find their own sanctuary. My hope for each of you is that you fill yourselves with the knowledge and peace that you all deserve. Life rewards us with lessons. Some are more painful than others. Be aware of your surroundings and dealings with others. More importantly, treat yourself as the special person that you are. You deserve good things. Each of you are worth it. Don’t let others make you feel otherwise.

Sometimes we all just need a place in our lives that we can feel at peace with the world.

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