Challenge Yourself Daily

How do you know what you can achieve if you never try?

Are you one of those people who does the same routine every day and have every minute planned? That’s not always a bad thing but it does become predictable. I used to hate it when people told me to challenge myself and now I embrace it because challenging ourselves leads to growth. For example, I love various alcoholic drinks. I used to go with my old standby of Liquid Marijuana which is a very fruity green drink for those who don’t know what it is or a Blue Motorcycle or Cosmopolitan or even a Long Island Ice tea. Not only did I discover that it gets really expensive to get drinks like this, but I also found it added weight and made me pretty loopy. Now, if you don’t mind the occasional buzz that’s one thing but if you are like me where you want to stay in control of a situation, it’s probably not a good idea to mix more than a glass of alcohol at one meal setting. If you are an alcoholic, it’s definitely not a good idea to order a drink. But it is a good idea to check out healthier options because our bodies don’t get but one life usually. Ok, there are exceptions to every rule but in general, most folks only get one life.

So what kinds of challenges should you do? Some of you are exercise fiends while others can’t stand the thought of exercise. If you find yourself doing the same things everyday, where can you make changes? Learn to breathe a little. There are some people who are so busy that they can’t be bothered to smell the roses. While there are others who have nothing but time and could be more productive if they would plan a little better. Regardless of where you are in your life, are you happy? Do you find yourself making excuses not to do things because you don’t want to or you truly can’t?

Someone asked me recently, what kind of changes I wanted to make by challenging myself so I’m going to lay it out there for a month by month breakdown. For the month of February, I plan on challenging myself to work out 3 times a week at the gym. Great intentions up until this point but I hadn’t followed through until I found that my jeans don’t fit the way they used to. Talk about motivating me to challenge myself. Also, my diet definitely needs improvement. Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m a picky eater and allergic to shellfish. That’s not a good combination. Let’s just say that I’m finding ways to expand my palate even though it’s a trite challenging for me.

Next up will be job happiness. I am challenging myself to learn something new at my job every single day. If it’s not something that I can learn from observation, I will be asking a lot of questions to my peers. I have a couple of friends who are fantastic at organization and it isn’t one of my better skills. I’ve gotten much better at it over the years but fresh ideas never hurt.

My next challenge for myself is a trip to Scotland. I refuse to get to the point where I can’t enjoy traveling before I get there. Scotland has a rich history of folklore and legends and since I am completely enthralled with this topic, I can’t wait to experience the food, the culture, and the history for myself. It’s just one of many things left to challenge myself on.

There comes a point where we all get stuck in a rut. Why not change things up a little and spice up your routine?

I can’t tell you all how to challenge yourselves. What I can tell you is that life is short. Find something to keep growing and learning from every day. For me, it’s just a few areas that I plan on challenging myself but you get the gist. I don’t want to be afraid to try new things. I’m not afraid anymore of putting myself out there and gaining new relationships, new adventures and opportunities and new ways of doing things. What I am afraid of is not allowing myself the challenging scenarios because I get scared. After all, I know I’m not alone in my quest for challenges. I hope whatever challenges you take on, give you happiness, confidence and a newfound feeling that you are conquering each task and creating incredible skills. Challenge yourselves daily. You might be surprised to find what you really like was something you never thought you’d do.

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