Unknown Angels

Sometimes we have angels all around us and don’t even know it.

I’ve always loved the thought of angels being real. If you believe in them, you aren’t alone. Many people, including myself believe not only in angels in heaven, but that they also exist on Earth and even in hell. After all, Lucifer was once considered to be God’s favorite angel so when he betrayed God and was banished to hell, there was a shake up in heaven. We don’t really like to think about this. On earth, we have lots of unknown angels. Let me tell you about a few of them.

There are the quiet angels. These are the ones who are human but used to do incredible works. They quietly, behind the scenes help out whether financially, emotionally, physically, or psychologically in ways that not everyone will do. When a family or an individual is faced with such dire financial stress, I’ve seen miracles happen for them. There have been folks who helped people get back on their feet. Such an occurrence doesn’t always happen for people but when it does, it changes people’s mindsets and lives. I have a friend of mine from childhood that lost her sister Renee to a drunk driver. She was only sixteen years old when a drunk driver hit her car and Renee died on impact. We were only six. For years, my friend struggled because she longed to talk to her sister once again. She would cry herself to sleep. Claudia wanted so badly to know that her sister was okay again. When she got married, I remember being in the church and out of the corner of my eye, I swear I saw Renee there. Maybe it was the light, maybe it was wishful thinking but I want to believe that Renee was there in spirit, watching over her little sister and celebrating the day. In my view, she’s been Claudia’s guardian angel and will be with her throughout her life, waiting on the day they can reunite.

Then there are the millions of people who have had organ transplants. Many of them would not still be alive if it wasn’t for folks who were real angels. The men, women and children who have been the recipients of such gifts will more than likely tell you that they feel they had guardian angels looking out for them. Right now, I know of several folks in need of a bone marrow transplant, a kidney transplant and even a heart transplant. They know the odds they face. Many of them have been given hope and for those who have, they see the world in an optimistic light. Some of them lost their battles while others continue to fight because hope is the one thing that keeps them going. Their angels are seen in their loved ones and you won’t see them complain.

I think that’s why it becomes a little therapeutic to think of angels on Earth. My grandmother died while I was in the room with her and when she passed, I felt a set of hands on my shoulders. It was the warmest feeling. It made me feel lots of love when I should have felt sad but I didn’t. I felt pure, unconditional love. I never saw anything in the room. I just felt this incredible presence that told me that I wasn’t alone and that I had nothing to fear. I guess in my own way, I was experiencing my very own angels that were letting me know there was something wonderful happening.

Sometimes it’s in a kind act, other times it’s the answer to a need.

I’m a sucker for shows that talk about angels. I have this fascination with the unknown. I used to think it was the Indian blood in me that made me seek the knowledge of folklore and legends. Imagine my surprise when I found out I didn’t have Indian blood. Talk about an eye opener. I don’t know why my fascination with folklore and legends is so strong but I like to believe that there is so much about the unknown that we aren’t meant to know until it’s our time. Why do some spirits seem to linger on Earth while others are guided by angels and other spirit guides? Why are some people considered angels on Earth when they are just as human as the rest of us? And why are some people considered to be more pure than others and seem to have brighter lights than the rest of us? To be frank, there isn’t a reason that we can know on earth as to what the right answers are. But there are always questions just like there is always going to be other things that help us guide our paths and journeys.

When I go to church, I hear that God is with us. My human component questions how God can be with every single person on the planet? If I go off of my beliefs, I know not to question it but the analytical part of my brain begins to wonder about more. I guess it really boils down to faith and what we believe. It’s difficult to reprogram ourselves. I have had some people tell me that there are no such thing as angels or miracles and I’ve witnessed miracles and felt what I believe to be angels. Does that mean I shouldn’t believe what I can’t see? I can’t see air and yet we need it to breathe. I can’t see music but I can hear it. Sure I can see the notes and the melody but I can’t physically see it. One of my favorite songs is from the group ALABAMA. They performed a song called “Angels Among Us.” I never really thought about how angels are among us until I heard that song. But it got me to thinking. God sends us signs all the time that we aren’t alone and yet we don’t want to acknowledge this. For those that don’t believe in God, that’s okay. The universe sends signs. The kindness bestowed onto us by each other can be perceived as angels at work. We never know what our gestures will do for someone. It can make a day brighter or dim the light in their life.

Children can be perceived as angels on earth. Their innocence and purity is something that as they age, they begin to lose but the way they touch our souls is something that we don’t lose. My father died in my arms. Did I ever mention that in any of my other blogs? He had a brain tumor. Originally he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. For several years we treated what we thought the disease was only to find out that it was a brain tumor. I remember praying so hard to God begging him to let me take my dad’s place because I felt Dad was a better individual than I was. There was one night I cried myself to sleep so hard that I dreamed an angel spoke to me. Crazy huh? In my dream, the angel told me that I wasn’t going to be allowed to take my dad’s place because there were things that I needed to do. Maybe it was just a dream. Maybe not. But in a strange way, I didn’t feel alone anymore. I felt that there was a bigger purpose than I could comprehend in that moment for things to be happening the way they did. I know had my dad not gone through what he did, I never would have gone back to school to study Social Media Marketing and Web Design. I never would have engaged in writing my blog, and I wouldn’t have stepped out of my comfort zone to travel the world. While I would have given anything for my father to beat the odds, in a strange way, he became my guardian angel because now, everything I do, I know he’s with me.

May you all have blessings in your life disguised as Guardian angels.

I hope that you are all able to come across angels in your own life and if you don’t believe in them, I hope that you all continue to have blessings beyond your wildest dreams. We all need something to believe in. No matter your beliefs, remember there are others who have some of the same types of questions and uncertainties that you do. Some people have seen angels, some have felt them, some don’t recall anytime in their lives that an angel has been around. But most of us have witnessed kindness from someone at some point. We don’t have to be angels to treat each other well. That’s my hope for you. That you are treated well and with respect. Pay it forward with kindness. Kindness usually provides more kindness.

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