There’s beauty all around us. Open your eyes and see the beauty you encounter daily.

What’s beautiful to you? Is it the ever evolving aging that we all do? Is it the beauty of animals and how they interact with one another and the world? Is it the actions of kind gestures from one person to another? Or is it the beauty of nature and how it looks as if the heavens created an incredible masterpiece of trees, flowers, grass, and landscape overall that consistently changes with each passing moment?

Whatever your definition of Beautiful is, there is beauty all around us. If you are in the world of fashion, beauty has been defined as having models who look as if they never eat and who wear some of the most intoxicating pieces of clothing to make us all wish we had their figure. Thank goodness that definition is beginning to change. Society talks a good game about not bullying each other and then gets hypocritical when commentators or others criticize someone’s appearance. The truth is that everything around us can be perceived as being beautiful by someone. There are things in this world that I think are down right hideous and others see as beautiful. Beauty truly is in the “eye of the beholder.”

As a child, I was fascinated with taking pictures. I never cultivated that interest into a professional foray but I loved to take photos behind the scenes. I would stumble upon a field or a tree and find beauty in it that I wanted to preserve. Sometimes I would take pictures of my parents without their knowledge because my mom was like me, she hated being in front of the camera, so the few pictures I managed to get from her, I had to sneak in the shots. I loved the water. There is something about the way the rays of the sun shine on the water. It feels like it has a calming presence that can be very relaxing and engaging. In many ways, it reminds me of the movies where the water beckons a person to become one with the ocean or the rivers. You don’t see the devastation that beckons you. It’s easy to get sucked into a world where all you see is the beauty and fail to recognize the dangers lurking.

I also loved exploring in the woods. I almost got lost more than once. It’s scary to be a kid and get lost in a forest. I was lucky. Eventually the woods led me to an area I recognized but the beauty of the forest captivated me. It was almost as if a spell was cast that I was not able to resist. I think that’s part of where the mountains call me home. In the mountains, I feel as if my soul is capturing every bit of air and serenity that the mountains provide. It truly feels as if the beauty of the rocks and plants are growing in front of my eyes and I’m able to witness the birth of various beautiful segments known only to those who pay attention to their surroundings. After a rain, the smell of the plants and flowers in the mountains is clean, it has a floral aroma that is naturally pleasing. You can almost hear the pollen in the spring being added to the flowers and trees. You can definitely see how the pollen overtakes the plants.

There’s a deep beauty in the night. It encompasses a world that we don’t always see. Yet the footprints are left behind.

When I look at friendships, there is a beauty in the strength of true friendships. People who love us as we are and are there for us in the darkest of hours and brightest of days are our lightning rods of strength. The beauty is that no matter what we do, true friendships overlook the good and bad. This is a testament to the beauty of the human spirit. Without strong friendships, we would all feel lost. It’s ironic. You can claim to be a friend to someone but are you truly a friend if you are only around for the fun? I’ve had many so called friendships like this and it makes me treasure those closest to me even more.

There’s beauty in our jobs. We learn things every day if we allow ourselves this gift. There are some days that make us feel as if our jobs weigh us down. It’s hard to remember the beauty sometimes but jobs do help keep money coming to us and helping us to live our lives a little better than if we had no money coming in at all. There are many people who are forced to live without an income and in some ways, there is a beauty in that because there’s a lot to be said for pride and humbleness. No one should ever be homeless. Everyone that can work should be able to have jobs and in a perfect world, this would be the case. I’ve been one of those folks who was homeless for a while with no income, no support, and only the clothes on my back. It’s a very humbling feeling and it shows you a part of the world that’s different. And yes, it’s a very different world when you have nothing than when you have money coming in. Anyone that tells you otherwise is living in a fantasy. Many people ignore you when you look different. When you aren’t able to bathe you smell and people can’t wait to get away from you. It’s amazing what human compassion can do for a person when they have hit rock bottom. It’s beautiful to see someone not seem to care how it looks to help another human being. This is why I say jobs are beautiful because they allow people to help others in ways that we may never comprehend.

There’s a beauty and ugliness all at the same time in families. When family dynamics are healthy, there’s a beauty in the way families work together to grow and learn together but when family schematics change in a negative connotation, there is a thorniness to the relationships. Lies and deception can make things very ugly. Physical violence with one another taints the relationship sometimes beyond repair. When an animal is abused, it cowers in fear. People are the same way. Our fears are not really beautiful. They bind us in ways that we can’t even begin to fathom. We laugh and cry with our families and emotions are beautiful. They allow us to express ourselves and the results of those expressions can be powerful.

I don’t know what’s beautiful to each of you. But I honestly believe with all my heart that every one of us is beautiful. We are all works of art. Some of us are artists who are able to express ourselves through paintings, drawings, murals, songs, poems, and music. Some of us are able to express ourselves as athletes and politicians and doctors, nurses, attorneys, and more. I love reading your blogs. Each of you helps me in ways that thank you doesn’t always feel like enough. There is a beauty in this community of writing that transcends words. It’s messages from the heart that are inclusive with each other. We are all able to share our accounts of things that trouble us, excite us, and motivate us in different ways. I truly hope that each of you finds the beauty around you and experience the beautiful environments waiting to be explored.

Take a view of your own world. Capture each image in your mind of places that you are seeing with new eyes. Enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the moment.

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