Create a New Bucket List

We all have things in life we want to achieve in our lifetime. Creating our bucket lists helps with planning.

There’s a chill in the air today. It’s almost like a stinging bee that eclipses past your head and finds a way to land on your body with a zinger that you aren’t likely to forget anytime soon. Your hands and feet try to stay warm but even in a warm room, once your feet are cold, it’s very difficult to warm back up. It’s kind of like having an imagination that is usually active but having difficulty finding a rhythm with new ideas. I suppose that a lot could be said for relationships that have closed due to either death or run their course. This is why creating a bucket list almost daily isn’t a bad idea.

What are the things you want to experience the most in this world? I’ve traveled all over the world so most of the places I wanted to embark on adventures I’ve already done so traveling doesn’t have the appeal to me that it might to others. I would like to try a different wine every day to advance my palate. I’d love to learn how to fly a plane or even jet ski. Better yet, I’d love to conquer my fear of heights. These are just a sample of things that are on my bucket list and as I’ve aged, I’m finding my bucket list keeps getting added to.

When is the bucket list considered to be too many items to accomplish? I think it really depends on the individual. We all have different interests and many folks accomplish their bucket lists and surpass others who don’t have the same drive and determination. That doesn’t make them better people. It just means that they prioritize differently. There is nothing wrong with being driven or ambitious, but there is also nothing wrong with being carefree either. It’s just components of who we are and who we want to become. I like to think that we all have our own roadmaps that take us on separate journeys with unknown destinations.

I may not have children of my own but I volunteer with kids. I’m constantly amazed at how the wonder in their eyes lights up over little things and accomplishments. They are a humble reminder of our own limitations and that if we limit ourselves, then we limit what we can achieve. Bucket lists are an accomplishment of their own. The lists allow us to tell our own personal story of adventure and intrigue. Some of the stories and accomplishments may not be interesting to others but to us, they help to complete the puzzle of who we are as individuals. Some of the kids I’ve worked with have allowed me to have a glimpse into their world. They have shown me that life isn’t just about sports, music, art, and studies. Life is about experiencing everything that we can. It’s about stepping out of our comfort zone and not being afraid to believe that we can do anything we set our minds to.

Bucket lists help us break down our dreams and turn them into reality.

There’s a passion in Bucket lists too. Every day that I achieve something I’ve never done before, I cross it off my list. I love experimenting with different products and adventures. It’s easy to say what someone should do but if you’ve never walked in their shoes, then how can you possibly know what is truly important to them if you aren’t willing to listen to that person. A friend of mine who recently died made a point of going to the beach almost yearly. He loved the ocean. He braved his epilepsy and got on several buses to make his dream happen but he managed to succeed each time. He got on a moped and rode down interstate 40 to watch a concert one day. It was on his way home that tragedy struck. He was hit by an eighteen wheeler and broke every bone in his body. He survived but was never the same. His neurological system was damaged. He had difficulty with short term memory and became agitated over little things. He wrote things down but couldn’t remember even after he did this. His life was inspirational. He made a point of doing the things no one thought he could do. He didn’t live his life in fear. He lived every day as if it were his last. He might have been a loner but nothing could have prepared him better for his fight with epilepsy than the steel wit and determination that lived within him. He truly believed in God and knew that one day God would take him home but before he did, Gene wanted to experience everything he possibly could. He fell in love with a woman who betrayed him but he still loved her. He experienced joy on many levels as well as heartbreak. He would have told you if he were here that life is an adventure that we have to take because if we sit on the couch all the time, we miss the views. Maybe that’s why when I look at my bucket lists, I see things daily that I want to learn and experience.

There are other things in this world that make me want to keep creating bucket lists. When I go to work, there are always things that I want to learn how to make better. When I’m with my friends, I don’t like having the same discussions all the time. Some of my friends and I love to talk about politics and how the world is fighting with each other and blaming one another instead of finding solutions. Then we get on discussions about healthcare and other topics that are hot topics but to us, it’s interesting because we get to understand each others views and while we may not always agree, we know that our stories are important to us. Our feelings about things are important to us and we respect others for having their feelings on issues. No, we are not perfect. But we really try to be there for our friends. After all, our friends are the folks that we garner ideas from. One of my friends is an excellent canner. She will take fresh fruits and vegetables grown from her garden and can them for another time. This is on my bucket list. I want to learn how to do this. I also want to learn how to cook better. I want to dance in the rain without fear of getting sick. There are many things that bucket lists can help us do. The biggest thing is that bucket lists help us to organize our thoughts and what’s important to us.

Don’t be afraid to create multiple bucket lists. Add to them, strike out the things you achieve and allow yourself the freedom to dream. Take action in your life. If you are fighting depression and anxiety, get the help you need to get yourself back on track so that you can focus on the positive things in this world. There are always going to be things in this world that we wanted to do and never did, but don’t let this keep you from going after your dreams. Each one of you is special and unique. Forget about the folks who tear you down and make you think you aren’t worthy. Every item on your list can be achieved with planning, determination and being focused on your goal. Enjoy each day as a gift. Treasure the time with your loved ones because we never know how long we have.

There’s always things to add to a bucket list. Never stop dreaming or adding to yours.

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