Calm Before the Storm

Sometimes we just know when our own storms are brewing.

What is it about the change in the weather that makes everything so moody? It seems like when we are in the heart of hurricane and tornadic conditions, everyone is almost in a panic like state. The storms that we see outside often are a symbol of how we are feeling on the inside.

I used to work for a hospital system in maternity admissions. There was always something about full moons and thunderstorms that seemed to cause women to go into labor just a little quicker than usual. I reckon you could say that after a while it became something that the nurses and I would joke about but it always seemed that there was truth in that statement. What always broke my heart though, were the sexual assault cases that would be around because usually when storms and full moons were coming through, there was an increase in those crimes. It just seemed like there was always more violence when storms were brewing and it seems to be just as true today. It’s been over twenty years since I worked in the hospital and there are some things that have gotten worse over time. I shudder at some of the memories. Then I remember the storms that we are all facing on a more frequent basis today. Some are of the weather, some are personal, and some are professional.

Every time I’ve turned on the news lately, I hear about hurricanes that are forming in the Gulf. Recently, many of us experienced Hurricane Dorian and Bermuda and many other areas will never be the same. It will take years to rebuild and recover from the devastation that they have endured. Just last night I saw where another system was headed towards Bermuda and my heart just sank. I guess you could say that I found it almost ironic how one area that had taken such a beating was having to adapt to another system getting ready to hammer against them again.

In a strange way, it makes me think of all of us. I think of the fighting internally that we all go through on a day to day basis. It reminds me just how precious we all are. Maybe I am a romantic at heart. I just choose to see the good in people as opposed to the evil amongst us. In my heart, I know that we all have storms that are in our lives. Some of us have a personal storm with our relationships, our cultures, and our morals and values. Everything we have known is being challenged. It doesn’t matter what area in your life you may be. There will always be a change that causes you to adapt accordingly.

There are always steps to prepare for hurricanes. But what about the steps we need to take to weather our own personal storms in our lives? Are we ready to face the changes in our lives head on? A friend of mine recently gave me an excellent tip. She said “You have to be willing to confront your emotions before you can know what you may be thinking or feeling.” I hate it when she’s right but it made a lot of sense. If you don’t recognize what you’re going through as a personal storm, then how can you make the necessary changes?

  1. The first thing that people need to remember is to Prepare. You don’t go into an exam without having studied most of the time. Why would you want to deal with complex issues without research? Would you face a hurricane head on without preparing to keep your belongings from being washed and stormed away? No. You wouldn’t. We protect the things we love the most. That’s why we protect our homes and our beloved items. This isn’t something that you can just snap your fingers and have everything ready. Bewitched was a tv. show and not reality. But you can prepare for the things in this world to help minimize the damage. If you have a conflict at work, then prepare for a resolution. Be willing to accept the willingness to learn and grow from mistakes. Preparation can be the key to protection or devastation. It has many different facets. Fortunately, being prepared can often be the one thing that allows people to continue their journey without too much interruption.
  2. Then you have to face whatever may happen. If you’ve had a storm, you have to assess the damage. It doesn’t matter if it’s a storm of nature or one in your life. We all have things that will affect us in different ways. The question is what is for us to tackle and what can be put on the back burner? There are always going to be pressing issues. How we handle them is up to us.
  3. When you have faced the situation, then learn acceptance. That doesn’t mean just accept the situation and walk away. No. It means that you have to be willing to accept what you know and then make decisions from there. Rationalize every part of the issue. Analyze what needs to be improved and what you can work with. Structure your thoughts in an organized capacity to promote opportunity for change. You’d be amazed at what happens when you allow yourself opportunities to think of alternatives. Sometimes it just takes a fresh perspective.
  4. I’ve heard the term floating before and I somewhat agree with it but I think it could be better termed. Floating implies going with the flow. I like this concept. I’ve found that the more adaptable you can be, the less likely you are to fall in the category of drama. I think we all get enough drama daily without having to turn on the television. Solving problems that can prevent long term damage in the long run can be satisfying on many different levels. The trick is to stay calm, don’t panic, and just breathe. You’ve got this. Challenges are a part of life. Don’t sweat the little things and as you learn to go with the flow, you’ll find that solutions come much easier.
  5. Keep persisting. You can fail many times over but as long as you keep trying, you’ll keep learning and growing. I don’t want to be right all the time. In fact, I’m wrong a lot. But I’m willing to keep persisting at learning a new skill, a new way of doing things, and even persisting in relationships. Not one of us is immortal. We will always have things that make us question whether we are doing the right thing or not but as long as we keep trying to learn and make a difference, then we are the survivors throughout the storms in life.
  6. Reflect on what went right and wrong. Learn from how you feel. We all have different storms, different types of things in our lives that define who we are in that moment. Use the resources available to you. Think about the positives and the negatives that transpired throughout your journey. Conditions in weather are always evolving. So are the conditions in our lives.
It’s easy to see the storms brewing when it comes to the weather but not as simple when our lives are affected.

Each one of you is a key. You all fit in different places and in different ways. Because of this, we all have locks that have yet to be opened. Those same locks have weathered various types of storms. Be ready to use the keys to open a world of new possibilities. Without each other, it would be impossible to have a calmness before every storm we encounter. In truth, we are a sample of things that are being changed daily. Why not weather each storm with an adventure predetermined? Be willing to learn, to grow, and to be there for others. You might find that the storms you encounter will open up new worlds yet to be discovered.

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