Life Changes

Sometimes when we let go of our anger, changes happen we never expected.

It’s been roughly a week since I last did a blog. In that week, my life has changed considerably. I had a very serious decision to make and weighed my options very carefully. For the last two years, I’ve been an assistant manager. I’ve been able to go back to school, get certified in a new field, go to work with amazing folks in a part time job, and change residences. My heart is very full. Imagine my surprise when I was given an incredible work opportunity. God is very good.

It’s been almost a week since I was asked to take this position and after visiting the location, I made the decision to accept the job. This job will give me a chance to grow more, to learn many new skills, make new connections and continue volunteering. While this blog entry isn’t one of my longer ones. I can truly attest that I will miss the current position I have. I’ve been mentored by an incredible woman and friend.

If you think that you are never going to move forward, don’t give up. Things have a way of working themselves out. Sometimes we think that a job is dead end. Other times, it’s just a stepping stone to a bigger and broader venue. In my case, I’ve been an assistant for so long that now that I’m getting an assistant, it seems surreal. I actually had my own “Working Girl” moment.

I’m excited, scared as hell, nervous, and ready for this new adventure. I had been angry and bitter for so long that I couldn’t really see what value I had. In that respect, I finally let the anger go and others took notice. I guess what they say is really true. “If you live your life with no anger or bitterness towards others who have wronged you, then you really do come out stronger in the end.” I truly believe it’s only the beginning of positive changes to come.

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