Understanding = Patience

Anyone out there who understands running out of patience? I think it’s one of the hardest things to stomach when there’s a lot that doesn’t get said. I know in my own life waiting for things to happen I have not always exhibited patience. There have been many instances where this isn’t true. However, I can firmly attest to the fact that my patience wears thin quickly.

There is a major misconception between management and employees at many different companies. I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about. The managers are in a different world than their employees. Many managers only see one side of the spectrum. They don’t always see what their employees actually contribute to. For instance, what do you think it takes to register a patient in the hospital? Most of you think that it is just a little bit of paperwork when the person comes in. That may be true for some facilities but there’s a lot more to it. Registrars have to listen to the patient and their families while they are waiting to be seen. They have to find out the status of the patient for the folks who are waiting. They have to make sure that they have the right information on the patient and ensure that all insurance information is current and up to date. Many of them have to even do preauthorizations on insurance. The point is that they do a lot of work behind the scenes. It isn’t just getting someone admitted. It’s being the first face and point of entry for many of those patients. Yet, many managers and hospitals fail to recognize their importance. They fail to acknowledge their cafeteria workers and their hospitality employees. These folks are vital to keeping the facilities looking great. Many times they are treated with disrespect. It’s usually by managers, physicians, and even nurses who don’t have the time or understanding to say thank you. These employees are patient though. They are there because they are trying to earn a decent living and many of them are there for the patients. It may be a minor role to the hospital system based on the pay scale but it isn’t a minor role in the image that is portrayed. These men and women should be thanked with respect and understanding. They have been patient with patients. Now, there are always going to be bad apples in the bunch, but most of these folks do a great job and should be commended.

Another example is with our law enforcement. They get a bad reputation for a lot of different reasons and many of them are truly founded. But for every dirty cop out there, there are thousands of men and women who are sacrificing their lives for all of us. They understand our frustration. I have several friends and acquaintences who are police officers. The one thing I do know is that when a cop is dirty, internal affairs doesn’t play around. Many of my friends in the police field will tell you that they understand why people are angry. They aren’t all bad. Their reputation is one of the worst things that they deal with daily. This is why they are taught patience. I will not excuse the behaviour of those cops who have arrested someone with violence when it wasn’t necessary. To be frank, many of the victims and their families have every right to be pissed. However, it isn’t easy to be a cop in today’s world. This is true especially in areas where crime is high, violence is the norm, and theft is often overlooked. You truly have to have understanding and patience to go into a field like this.

Then we have our scientists, our physicians, and engineers. These folks are in a category all by themselves. They worked extremely hard to get to where they are. Not all doctors, scientists, and engineers are good at their field. But there is an understanding with them that patience is a part of the job. There are no quick answers. It’s easy to place a blame on someone when diagnoses have been handled incorrectly. For scientists, they experiment a lot on things until they get answers and that takes a tremendous amount of patience. Everything we do in this world requires patience. It doesn’t matter what field you are in. You could be in a top field or a bottom field. Whatever you do in this world, it matters. Be patient. When our tempers get the best of us, we aren’t being patient.

As I write this blog today, I’m reminded of how many times I understood a situation but I didn’t have the patience because I let my temper get the best of me. I trusted people that I never should have. I sacrificed everything for a marriage that wasn’t ok. I fell prey to schemes that I never should have. in light of everything, my patience was tested time and time again. There are some things I learned my lesson on. There are other things that I wish there was easy answers to. Only through patience and time will I begin to understand why some things happen. I will never understand why cancer strikes some and not others. I will never understand why some people are able to beat the disease and others fall victim to it. I will never understand the unnecessary deaths of many victims who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. I will also never understand why as a society we have to continue to bully one another instead of lifting each other up. Bullying one another is never ok. We all have gone through awkward phases in our lives. Making some one feel worse about things in their lives that are a huge embarrassment does nothing except destroy a person’s confidence. Have a little understanding with each other. Have some patience. Above all, respect others and yourselves enough to know that it doesn’t matter what you do for an occupation. You are all worth something. And if someone doesn’t understand your situation and has zero patience, don’t let it get to you. There is such a thing as Karma in this world. And when it comes around, it can either be extremely positive or extremely negative.

Sometimes having a little bit of understanding and patience goes further than we realize.

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