Soaring Spirit

Let your spirit soar. There is no end to the possibilities you can achieve if you just try.

There are days that it takes every ounce of strength I possess to get up and face the world. There are also days where my energy is in abundance albeit those days appear to be getting fewer and farther between. The one constant though that keeps me going is the drive to not let the day be a total waste. I suppose that’s one of the reasons that I cherish those with soaring spirits. You know the ones that I’m talking about. They are the ones that don’t let the world deter them from changing lives for the better. They are the ones who don’t accept “no” for an answer in terms of things that can be turned around. For every single spirit that changes the world is a testament to the human spirit.

If you don’t believe me look around you. Non profit organizations and volunteers are making a difference in enormous ways. They should be saluted. Churches and other organizations that once had a strong volunteer base might be struggling but I guarantee you that in every single place that the spirit is broken, new life can and must be brought in so that revival is possible. One of the problems that I see is that volunteers often get abused. I don’t mean physically. I mean sometimes volunteers don’t have anyone else who can help pick up the slack and they feel overwhelmed. Many times, the volunteer has so much dumped on them that instead of their spirit thriving and helping, the spirit gets drained and tired. It’s like this in our work lives whether we volunteer or work. If we don’t take care of ourselves first, then we can’t allow our spirits to help take care of others or anything else for that matter.

Here’s a few things that I’m finding are helping me and hopefully will help you. Remember each day is a fresh start or new beginning. If we only think about the negatives and how tired we are, then we can’t look at anything with a fresh set of eyes. Give yourself permission to take a break. Sometimes, it’s smarter to look at each day as a fresh start. That can be a challenge, especially when you feel like you are going through the motions. The key is to start looking at things with a different set of mentalities. It’s very easy to fall into a routine that is similar. It’s more difficult to change your pattern.

Make sure you take the time to watch your diet and exercise. This is crucial to keeping your spirit soaring. When we have a poor diet, everything gets affected. We don’t want to exercise, we don’t want to do much of anything. All we want to do is be a couch potato with the remote in hand. This isn’t productive nor is it healthy. There’s a time to do this and constantly isn’t it. Start eating better. Exercise a little bit every day. I promise you that you will not only feel better but your motivation will get a little more productive.

Don’t allow negative people to drain your spirit. If you are always around negativity, it will rub off on you. Put yourself out there with those who are helping to change things in this world in a positive manner. Sometimes it’s difficult to break away. There are always going to be friends going through difficult times and it’s good to be there for them. What isn’t healthy is to put yourself in situations where there is never a light at the end of the tunnel. We all go through peaks and valleys. It’s imperative that we focus on positive things even in the worst of times.

We all have the ability to enjoy life to the fullest. Don’t let others negativity get in your way.

This is one of my favorite ideas. Be sure to give people you don’t like compliments. Before you ask why, one of the best ways in the world to make someone think twice before being mean is to let them know you respect them. It won’t always work. But you don’t have to stoop to their level of being the mean one. Learn to give praise and sooner or later the praise will come back. I’ve often heard to put things out in the universe on a positive note and there’s a lot of truth to this.

Most importantly, be okay with who you are. You don’t have to be everyone’s best friend. You do have to respect yourself and the choices you make. After all, when you lead by example, you never know who is paying attention.

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