There’s something about the midnight hour that’s magical. It has a mysterious air that just gets better with time.

What is it about the term “midnight” that seems so magical? Is it the fact that Cinderella returned to her rags at midnight? Is it that the night technically ends and a new day begins at midnight? I think it’s a combination of things. There is a symbolism associated with the term that makes all of us a little wistful.

I’m a mystery reader. I love the stories about vampires and werewolves. I don’t really know what appeals to me the most. It isn’t necessarily the horror aspect because I’m not a big horror fan. I suppose that’s because there’s enough horror in this world without having to watch it on the big screen.

As a kid, I had a special treat. My folks let me stay up as late as I wanted on Friday nights only. I would watch all kinds of shows and even though some folks might have disagreed with their decisions, it gave me an idea of the world that happens during the night. For that information alone, I am forever grateful. Later on, I started working the night shift. It was during the night hours, that I learned what the night time world was like. There is a different vibe to the dark. You use more senses at night than you do in the light of day. There’s a different presence. Everything surrounding you is dark. The street lights give a very small amount of life but the lights have an almost luminating effect. You see different colors as opposed to the daytime. Your eyes become a little sharper because you have to hone in what you see. Many times, you find things in the dark that in the daytime you would miss.

Sounds are different too. The nighttime produces different types of noises from the animals that roam. Vehicles are more pronounced at night. You can hear more because there is less congestion to block the barriers. It is a sound of not silence but of a different type of world. One where many have created some of the most influential music and art of our time. Many of us get lost in the night. We let ourselves go into things that we don’t ordinarily explore. We go to clubs and bars in the night. Some of us look to hook up with someone, others to drink and dance away problems.

In the summertime, the air can be thick with the smoldering heat rising from the pavement. The air is consuming everything around it with the humidity that can only come from the hot, sweaty, summer nights. There’s a reason that people are influenced with the nighttime. One of those reasons is because the night conceals many things. We all tend to have secrets that the night time can conceal. What it does is to invoke an excitement, an intrigue if you will, and a mystery that runs deep. Maybe that’s why I love the midnight hour for many different reasons. I think the night holds the key to some of our most sacred fears and excitements all rolled up into one messy package.

The midnight hour can be exceedingly romantic. Moonlit strolls can be very touching. Although in today’s world, it can also be very dangerous. Yet, where there’s danger, there’s also adventure. Many people ignore the dangers and walk into the wee hours of the night, canvassing nature as if it were just a small port to explore. They see more in the night than most of us do in the daytime. Music is played more at night in the clubs and on the scene. There are all types of melodies that roam through the air. You can smell the clubs with the most alcohol infused participants because the smell of beer and liquor comes usually just outside the door. The most sensitive of palates can discern the smell of vapors, sweat, alcohol, food, and other aromas that permeate the environment.

Midnight magic in the clouds. It’s like the sky has it’s own paintings that are always changing.

Midnight can also emit signs of profit for some. There are some who make the most money at night because that’s where a different world takes off. I’ve seen many restaurants and club make a lot of money at night. There are many different types of venues and events like sports events and concerts, special activities in the community, etc. that make a ton of money at night. Money is a very lucrative draw at night. Mainly because most of us are working during the day and the nighttime is the one time that most of us can let loose and just let go.

In many ways, I miss being the night owl. I loved being able to be a part of the midnight hour. Nowadays I work a lot during early morning to all day and by the time the night rolls around, I don’t get the chances that I used to in order to unwind. There’s a lot of time where I no longer see the midnight hour. But the one thing I do know is that my heart loves the night time. I love the mystique. I really love the music of the night. I don’t miss the clubs but I do miss the feeling of belonging in the clubs. The only time I’m really a midnight owl now is on New Year’s Eve.

If you get the chance, take in the night air. Listen to the sounds around you. Explore places you haven’t gone before at night. Don’t trespass but look at life a little differently. You may find that you’ll appreciate the midnight hour more than ever before.

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