Stop Complaining – Be the Change

When all we do is complain, nothing gets solved. Be the solution and not the enabler.

I think this is one of the hardest things every single one of us deals with. When things don’t go our way, we are prone to grumbling and complaining. I know I’m guilty of this. I see things all the time that frustrate me. In fact, every time I turn on the news, I am more convinced than ever that if I don’t find a way to start being the change, then I will forever be one of those people who always grumps and doesn’t do anything. So, I made a committment to myself. If I don’t like something, find out what it is I don’t like about it and then try to find ways to change things. If it’s something I don’t like and I need to be the one to change, then re-evaluate myself and figure out ways that I can change my own attitude and adjust. Life is about compromise. It’s also about respect and respect is becoming a lost art.

Mohatma Ghandi said to “Be the Change you Want to See in this World.” Okay. I agree with this to a point. But there are some things that are more than just difficult to change. I look around me and see many who struggle with poverty. Why would the rich want to change the poor’s situation when it means less money for the rich? I agree that some people who are poor do not want to try to change their status but for every person that doesn’t want to change it, there are hundreds more that do. No child wants to grow up homeless but the numbers are staggering for the amounts who do. Foster children need homes but it costs more money to try to foster and adopt than to have children biologically. Somehow, the numbers just don’t seem right. My conservative friends argue for no abortions, that a woman should be made to give birth. Well, let me argue something for a moment, if they believe they are so right, then why aren’t they helping to take in foster kids and change the statistics? I’m not condoning abortion. I believe that every situation is different and that most abortions are made with decisions not being made lightly. There are always exceptions and please note I am not supporting those decisions or condemning them, I am only raising an issue of awareness.

I looked at fostering a child. I finally gave up on the idea of fostering. There are so many hurdles to jump through and I got so frustrated with the system because financially and personally I just couldn’t do it. It’s pretty sad when people who really want a child have the system to make things so difficult to proceed and yet women who don’t even want children are having them. I’m chalking this up to there’s something else I was meant to do so I’m doing it. For those who are able to foster and adopt, you are very blessed. There are many others who would love to be able to have taken the same path as you and weren’t able to. Cherish the children. Learn from them. Grow with them. Accept them for who they are and help mold them into strong leaders for the future. There are now over 2.5 million children who are homeless. Change doesn’t begin in the future. It’s already begun. The question is how strong are we willing to help be the positive change? One of the best ways that we can incite change is to volunteer.

One of my very closest friends just talked me into working with a non profit called Empowered Girls of NC. This is one non profit that I can truly attest to being proud of working with. They are implementing the change on a regular basis. They are helping to mentor and mold girls into positive role models and providing them with safe resources to help them flourish in their lives. Their message is strong and clear. They want to help girls not only be the best they can be but to help all girls and women see that there are no limits to anything they want to achieve in this life and beyond.

They will be hosting a high tea party in November. This will be a very exciting event. This is their chance to fundraise and raise awareness. For those who want to learn more about them and their mission you can click here. I am really looking forward to helping them with their mission. I know they would love to have additional volunteers. If it’s something that you think you would be interested in helping with, they would love to speak with you.

I used to work with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Greensboro. There is a lot of information about Habitat our there and the kinds of work they do. I love how they help people become homeowners. I love how communities are working together to create community gardens, community centers, and places where people can empower each other and lift them up. We all need to feel needed and wanted. We all need to feel special. Why not start volunteering to help change the world for the better? Habitat holds a few fundraisers throughout the year. One of the things that I love best about them is that they never quit. They want to see homelessness eradicated. That’s the kind of change that is ideal.

Give back and don’t just give up. Sometimes the strongest people are the ones who have had enough.

Tiny houses has become a very hot venue. There are places in the United States that are building communities of tiny houses in order to get our vets and other folks back into a home. There are ways to solve problems. Sometimes we all have to be willing to look outside the box and be willing to look at how we can help change things. We don’t have to be skilled at something to learn how to do it. What we do have to do is have open hearts, a willingness to learn and work together and the understanding that we can’t do anything alone.

Urban Ministry, Salvation Army, Goodwill, American Red Cross, hospital systems, nursing homes, recreational centers, community centers, community gardens, these are all types of places where we can all volunteer and make a difference. Not everything is about money. Yes, they need money and financial backing but even if you can’t spare a dime, can you spare thirty minutes a week to change a broken situation? Churches. Oh my gosh. Churches are one place that volunteering irks me. Why? Because the same folks volunteer so much that they get burned out and resentful. Christians love to say that they want to worship God but there are many who don’t volunteer and give back. They are “too busy”. If all we do is complain then how we can make the time to change things. My point is this. We all have busy lives but are they really complete? Do we have the ability to change things? Absolutely. Do we have the resolve to change them? Maybe. It depends on what we as a society can accomplish.

I believe in the good of people. I believe that we are all here on this earth for a reason. I also believe that change can occur if we propel ourselves to stop complaining and find the things that we can help change. Kids might need help with school. You could volunteer with your local school or help them to learn to read. If you don’t want to volunteer, then help figure out ways to stop some of the negatives in this world. If we spent half as much energy solving problems as we do complaining about them, then we would have fixed a lot of other issues by now. We’re wasting time griping about everything. I’m the first to admit, I don’t like the bickering going on in the world with politics. I don’t think we’re doing anything but getting each other all worked up over issues that could be resolved but the more that people use emotions to rule their decisions, the angrier people get and the less things get settled.

Every single person on this earth is powerful. You all have something about you that is unlike anyone else. You have the power to change lives, change situations and change hearts. Use that power wisely. Stop complaining and figure out ways to change things for the better. I know in my heart that this world has the ability to solve problems. That’s why we all have brains. The question is when do we start using them for a better world? I’m choosing to start now. I don’t want to wake up and complain about what isn’t. I’d rather focus on what is and go from there. Life is a full adventure if we let it be one. We don’t have to be each other’s best friends but we may find that we have a world full of friends we haven’t discovered yet. Don’t be afraid to change. Be afraid not to. If we only settle for the status quo, that’s all we’ll ever get back in return.

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