Make Your Brand Stand Out

Every single one of us is now considered a brand. We are what we represent. It doesn’t matter what aspect of our lives we really speak about but marketers look to all of us as a brand. This goes back to my earlier blog about labels. We don’t have to like it but we do have to understand that all of us are a part of a targeted audience.

One of the biggest things we all have to do is determine our skillset and what makes each of us stand out. Some of us may never completely figure out what we want to narrow our options on and that’s ok. Versatility is never a bad thing. When it comes to selling your brand, you need to pinpoint a group that is more likely to buy from you. If you look at groups like the Girl Scouts, then the first thing to pop into mind for many of us is the Girl Scout Cookie Time. That is a brand. It doesn’t really represent the whole package of the girl scouts but it does show that they have figured out the market for great tasting cookies that can help them to fund raise.

Commercials and advertisers have figured out that catchy slogans and memorable tunes can help them to market to others as well. The goal is met with the bottom line of sales. After all, money talks. It has the power to open doors or shut them for good.

So how can someone just starting a brand create a market for themselves? There are several ways that you can do this. Using platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are a wonderful start. If you are doing free advertising, word of mouth and starting to advertise on these platforms is great but more than likely won’t get you too far. Most brands need to have some type of advertising platform to get started. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune but you need to be smart in how you market. You don’t want vague advertising. Make your ad concise, to the point, and direct.

Consider blogging on a regular basis. There’s a great reward with this. For one thing, it connects you to the outside world and allows you feedback as well as being able to introduce yourself and your brand. It’s easy to claim you are selling something. It’s much more difficult to market it in a way that becomes profitable unless you have a quality product that leaves folks wanting more. Why do you think technology keeps selling more items? It’s constantly reinventing itself and blogging and other articles help to keep people engaged in the newest trends.

Get a mailing list together. When you are selling a brand, mailing lists can be crucial. If you have a list of folks signed up to receive your information, then you have a ready made target group already in place. Many sales come from email advertising. Don’t assume that all emails will go into spam. You may send an email that catches someone’s attention and they may purchase from you. A lot of times people will be repeat customers if they like the product and are kept informed of the newer commodities.

Use online companies. Why do I say this? Groups like Facebook, Instagram and other social media outlets are great if you want to test out your advertising. Sometimes you can even get your link to be partnered with another online company. The more you can get the visibility, the better your chances are of continuing to grow your brand. This in turn, can help you to set up call to action buttons on your social media page. I love this option because the call to action can be used to directly buy now, contact, learn more, etc.. In many ways, you control how your company does.

If you are selling items, press releases and using coupons and discounts are a fantastic way to engage more folks with your brand. I personally love the discounts and coupons. I don’t always pay as much attention to the press releases because I tend to research a lot of what I buy. I have learned that the media doesn’t always present an accurate portrayal of a brand so I tend to go to reviews and feedback of the item in question. Coupons and discounts have really helped me to try new brands. It’s for this reason that I highly recommend them.

Another thing I highly recommend is to use videos. Why? Because people are visual. At least most of them are. They are going to remember the videos more than what they read. Videos can be fun, entertaining, engaging, or just downright blah. You have the ability to reach a lot of different people based off of the brand you are selling. If you are selling yourself and your services, what better way for people to get to know you than through a video? Sure, you can write all day long but people are going to remember your face more through a video than through a blog.

The main thing is to keep trying, keep changing, and don’t get discouraged. You will figure it out. Don’t panic. There are a lot of resources to help you succeed. There is enough room in this world for all of us to grow. The question is what brand do you want to represent? Only you can answer but I have a feeling that once you answer that question, you will be ready to shine. #NeverQuit

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