Remembering the Jungle Dream

There are some strange dreams that I've had over the years but I remember the Jungle dream like it was yesterday.  Keep dreaming everyone!

How many of you love to let your imagination run wild? I know I do. When I was a kid, I used to love playing with my friends in the trees, cutting through the woods, climbing every single tree we could find, and making tons of mud pies. Summers didn’t scare us. We would play on our bikes and walk up to the local store that was around the corner from the houses that we lived.

Not long after I was six, my family and I moved to a different town. While I missed my friends terribly, I made new ones. I learned to use my imagination in different ways. My interests shifted and I fell in love with reading. Reading took me to territories that I couldn’t even begin to imagine. As I grew, the topics of interest grew but I really loved the biographies of famous people. I think it was because it was the closest I thought I’d ever get to one.

When I got to junior high, I got into trouble. My grades suffered and I didn’t do well. I had a very good friend that I’m still extremely close to today. My hormones were going wild and I had no dating life. I was definitely a late bloomer. The only imagination I had where my looks were concerned was a mirror that said flat, nerdish, and definitely not popular.

I started writing for a refuge. I was too scared to see where the writings would lead me. As I’ve grown, I’ve learned that if we don’t risk rejection, then we can’t grow as artists, as performers, as anything.

One of the stories that I remember was I had gone to a jungle looking for a buried treasure. I was on a school expedition that only the most outcasted kids in school were allowed to go. We all had different skills that we brought with us. One of the kids, James, was an excellent swordsman. He cut down all the wild weeds that were in our way. He was a bit eccentric. He had the deepest blue eyes that looked like stones. His face was slightly chiseled with one dimple on his cheek. His mouth was a little crooked but always had a cheekish grin that you didn’t know if you were being seduced or taken for a fool He had the most grayish blonde hair that you could imagine and his build was that of a very skinny track star. He stood about six two and had the kind of smile that could melt wax.

There were a total of five kids that were on this trip. My friend Nee was an animal whisperer. This was really handy in the jungle because she had the ability to just look at an animal and hear it’s thoughts. It was kind of like Aquaman could do only she was female and stood about five two. Her blue eyes and long blonde hair made her look like a goddess. She was tiny in frame but mighty with her abilities. She could calm the animals just with her presence and could understand them. They in turn could understand her and responded to her every command.

Then there was me. I was the bookworm. I studied the maps of the jungle. I was tall, lanky, and full of issues. I had asthma, was afraid of just about everything, and complained about everything and everyone. I stood about five seven and was a little chubby. I wore glasses that fogged up every time the weather got out of whack. If a complaint could be made, I made it. I had the gift of locations. I could smell my way to a treasure. Greed was no match for me. I wanted the treasure in a museum where it belonged.

The next two kids were twins. They weren’t your usual set of twins because they were fraternal. They each had a different color of skin. One twin looked more like an Indian. His skin wasn’t dark but he looked like he had a light tan while his brother looked so pale that the dairy dessert cool whip would have made him look dark. They each were masters at different things. The first twin Ryan was an excellent athlete. He could go into areas that we’ve seen the current contestants on American Ninja do. He was tall and limber, with charcoal eyes and the tannish complexion that hid his heritage. He was a true enigma. His brother Scott, on the other hand was so pale. He had light brown eyes that twinkled with a ray of sunshine in them. You never knew what you were going to get with the two of them because Scott had this incredible ability to change the weather. A lot depended on his moods. If he was happy, the weather was great. It wasn’t too hot, too cold, too rainy, or any other element you could think of. But if he was mad – look out. He could make the weather rough. Tornados through the jungle occurred with his moods.

Since we were dropped off in the jungle, we had to form an alliance. It wasn’t like the show survivor because we really had to lean on one another. Over the course of five days, we all worked feverishly to get to where we needed to be. We ate whatever we could find. Nee couldn’t stand to eat the animals because she could hear them and understand their suffering so we survived on plants and whatever berries we could find. Tempers flared. Emotions ran hot and cold. We had to be so careful that Scott didn’t get angry. None of us wanted a monsoon in the jungle.

As we made our way through the miles in the jungle, we were exhausted after days of walking, working and searching. We were all hot, sweaty, and agitated. All of a sudden there was a rainbow. Scott jokingly said that we should go check it out and we did. Lo and behold, the treasure was there. It was a pirates treasure that had been abandoned for at least 500 years. We all forgot about the exhausting and were thrilled to have found it. This led to another problem. How in the world were we going to get it back home? Somehow, magic took over. There was a brush that one of the kids found. They handed it to Nee knowing she had the gift of painting. She took that brush and painted the museum. As she finished the last stroke, we were all transported almost like Star Trek to the museum with the treasure. We looked really bad. The director of the museum came in because all the alarms had sounded. Much to his dismay, he saw the treasure. His eyes saw dollar signs.

The last thing I remember in the dream was the opening day for the treasure display. We were all given a chance to speak about our adventure and let others understand what we sacrificed in order to get there. While I know that the dream and the stories has a lot of holes, the memories of the dream are very real. I hope that my imagination continues to have the kinds of dreams that tell me and others to never give up because even the impossible can become possible.

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