Apps that Help you Save

Let’s get real. Money doesn’t grow on trees. It does however, help when some of the apps out there allow you to make money. I’m the type of person who is always looking to get some help earning money. I do a lot of research on companies that are easy to work with in order to get that little extra cash along the way. Here are some of my favorites.

Inbox Dollars – this is a great one. You can watch videos to earn money, take surveys, check into places through the app, play games and earn money, and you can even search for things and earn money. It all adds up and if you take advantage of the offers they give you, you can earn more money quickly.

Swagbucks is another great app. They have a little higher payout on paid surveys than InboxDollars and it does take a little while to get established but once you are established in the system, you can easily earn extra money. It all depends on you as to how much you earn. You won’t get rich with these apps but they are a great additional source of income.

Shopkicks is one of my absolute favorite apps. You can earn credit for walking into stores, scanning the products they tell you to scan, and submitting receipts with the items that they pick out and offer points on. Once you get points building, you can earn gift cards with a ton of different companies. They even offer a PayPal option that you can get once you have enough points to acquire a $25 payout. It takes 6250 points to get a $25 e-gift card. I’ve been doing this program for about 5 years now and am working on my 14th gift card with them. My next gift card with be the $100 BestBuy Gift card. So far I’ve gotten gift cards with Amazon $100, WalMart 10 – $50 ones and, one Barnes and Noble for $25, and one for Outback $25, I’ve also earned one for Target. (At the time they offered a $100 gift card with them. Now the max for Target is $25. ) My point is this. If you are already out shopping, you might as well do the scanning and start earning. It’s easy, fun, and a lot like scavenger hunting. Plus you learn about new products and as people see you doing these apps, many times they will ask you about it and you can get them started on their journey to earning as well! You both win with referrals! Referral code: BLUE037801

Checkpoints is another one of my absolute favorites. Checkpoints is similar to Shopkicks. The main difference is that you don’t have to buy the products to earn the points. Every time you scan the items that they tell you to, you earn 25 points. Checkpoints makes it really easy to earn gift cards. You can earn anywhere from $1 to $100 gift cards. They also have a good selection of companies to choose from. I do a lot of shopping with WalMart and Sam’s Club so I usually select them or Target but they also have PayPal, Home Depot, and others to choose from. It really depends on what you want. 32000 points will get you a $100 gift card. It sounds like a lot but the points add up quickly. The best time to start scanning these is in the morning at 7:01 am. The points will start to drop off throughout the day but the more you scan, the more hacks you learn. For example, checking in to the stores that they offer is easy to figure out. If they are offering 20 points for the check-in which is beside the name of the store, then click on that store and if an X in the corner pops up, click on the X and you will receive 20 points just for checking into that store. It’s easy, and when you watch the points build up, you get excited knowing it won’t be long until you can get your gift card. The gift cards are e-gift cards that are emailed to you. The best part about this app is that if you refer someone and they start scanning immediately, not only do they get their points for the first two weeks but you also earn 100 % of the points they build up in those two weeks. Referral code: cjohnson0470

Ibotta is another one that a lot of folks are using. I actually like this app. If I’m already buying the products that it gives credit for, it’s simple to upload the receipts and earn money. Once you get to $20 of credit built up, you can request a payment. Plus, if you get referrals with this app, you can earn your $20 even sooner. Sometimes it really does pay to shop. Referral Code: getnjhx

Checkout 51 is one of my least favorite apps only because I’m a picky eater and they rarely have items that I use as options. It’s taken me a while to earn enough on this particular app to cash out but I’m almost there. However, for families who have a diverse menu, this app can really help out. They offer a lot of different items that if you purchase, you can get cash back for. Referral code:

SavingStar is also a great app for when you purchase items. They update their site quite frequently and change their options. Many times, they offer a lot of variety with snack foods and money back that you can earn. I’ve seen them do cleaners, snack foods, ice cream, and lots of other foods. I’ve gotten cash back from them in the past and love them. Just like with Ibotta, you can link several of the grocery stores and your grocery cards on the app and it automatically knows when you have purchased the items that you selected on the app. Just make sure you select the items ahead of going to the store. That way there is no confusion.

Fetch is one that I honestly thought was about pets when I first heard of it. However, it’s an app used to upload your receipts from the grocery store, clothing stores, convenience stores, and pet stores. You can’t use places like Best Buy and restaurants with this one but you can earn a lot of points with this app and cash those points out for gift cards. I’m close to the 50000 points which means I can get a $50 gift card from one of many places. It’s going to be tough to choose! Referral code: Y9WYC

Receipt Hog is my go to for receipts that are restaurants that can be scanned. Not only do I get points for Grocery Stores, Clothing, pets, and electronic stores, this is one of the apps that allows restaurant receipts. Oh, and did I mention that with both Fetch and ReceiptHog that your receipts are stored in the system once you scan them so that if you lose a physical receipt, you have an electronic copy? They also have a point system that allows you to cash in for gift cards or Paypal. The downside is that they don’t offer as many options for cashing out and it takes time to build points for both Fetch and ReceiptHog but as you build up the points, it will be worth it in the long run.

If you like to put a little extra money in your pocket, these apps can help you when you need it!

PlaySpot is my stress reliever. I really like various types of games and when I want to unwind, playspot offers a lot of different games to choose from. Those games allow me to build up points in my account that I can cash in for money. Again, it takes time to build because I don’t spend a lot of time on these games but I do like extra cash.

S’mores is probably the easiest and annoying app all at the same time. All you do is install the app on your phone and it gives you 10 points a day just for unlocking your phone. When you get 1000 points, that’s a $10 gift card to either Target, Amazon, or other choices. Easiest $10 bucks ever! The downside is that it can drain your battery but the upside is that you really don’t have to work for it. The app does all the work! Referral code: DWKYTX

Lucky Day is the last one I’m going to mention. I’m sure there are more out there but these are the ones I’ve had the best luck with. Lucky Day is a scratch off game. When I first started with them I earned $10 pretty easily but I haven’t earned any cash in a while. However, I have built up enough points for a $25 gift card. I’m waiting on them to restock their supply before I get one of the gift cards though.

So there you have it. Yes, I put my referral codes on several of these. If you haven’t checked these out and will use me for a reference, you will get additional points on many of these apps. I hope that this information helps all of you out. It’s a great way to get some additional cash. I’ve already been working on mine so that when Black Friday rolls around, I’ll have some extra money for the holiday gifts. Enjoy the apps and happy scanning!

Who doesn’t like a little extra cash? Money can be tight but these apps help provide some relief.

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