Work Storms

During the summer months, we are all exposed to various types of storms. Some are tornadic, others are hurricanes, and there are thunderstorms in the mix as well. In certain parts of the country, there are sandstorms, windstorms, hailstorms, etc. In truth, when mother nature gets disturbed, often times it’s the land that pays the price. The inhabitants on that land can also pay a steep price. This is why we are all warned to take heed of the weather.

What about in your personal lives? Are there storms that rush in? What about at work when the political gambut is afoot? What kinds of things can you do to prevent your own personal storm? Communication is one way to diffuse certain storms but there are no guarantees that will keep storms from entering our lives. No matter where you work or live, there will always be someone who wants to take what you have and your position somewhere along the line. They key is to be aware of this and stay on your game.

If there is one thing I hate it’s corporate games. I worked in the corporate world for a while and saw a lot of backstabbing, a lot of politics, and a ton of lies told on other co-workers. In many ways, corporate America is very much like high school. It’s full of drama, popularity, deception, and strategic maneuvers all rolled up in a package. For those of you still in the corporate world, I salute you. It’s not an easy arena.

Sales are part of the bottom line in any business. Sales doesn’t mean you have to sell your soul in order to be a really good salesperson. Honesty can go a long way with your customers but you have to find a way to connect to people that doesn’t make you seem like you are selling cats to mice. (No literal harm intended). It really does seem like the corporate world is very cut throat. I’ve been laid off of two different corporate american jobs and it was due to budget both times.

How do you survive in the world of corporate America? There’s a few things you can do. Below is a video that talks about revamping yourself. I found it to be helpful.

We all have superpowers when it comes to surving the office environment.

One of the biggest things I’ve encountered is to pay attention to what’s going on around you. Don’t run your mouth off. Listen and then speak up. Be a team player but don’t let them walk all over you. Don’t be afraid to let your bosses know of new ideas and if they ask if anyone else knows about the idea, let them know that you have made sure that you covered your bases so that if anyone else tries to take credit for your work, it can be disputed.

One of the things that I learned in the corporate world, – time is money. Every second is time you need to be earning for the company. Don’t lolligag. There’s a time for fun but don’t make the mistake many of my co-workers did. They played on their cell phones, they hung around others cubicles, and wasted a lot of time. Bosses tend to frown on this and for good reason. They aren’t paying you to goof off.

The biggest thing I hope you take away from this blog is that if you are in a corporate job and hate it as much as I did, then find something that makes you happy and go to work for it. Otherwise, jobs that you hate will only lead to health issues, mental issues, and unhappiness all the way around. If you are working it to pay the bills and can’t find something better, hang in there. If you are among the few that loves your corporate job or job in general, then this blog isn’t for you. I think it’s great if you can say you truly love what you do.

Life is too short. Remember to pay attention to the things around you. Watch out for people who are obviously trying to get ahead. You don’t have to ignore them, rather learn from them. They are going to be leaders at some point. Ask questions along the way. Be open to change. In the end, you may or may not get a promotion, but you will definitely find life won’t have as many storms in the workplace.

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