Melodies run through every single person on this earth. You can’t help but respond to music. I’ve heard all my life friends who have said that they have two left feet. They are many times, the same folks who are secretly dancing so no one can see their moves. Often times, they are beyond embarrassed thinking that anyone who sees them dance will think they are a bubbling fool. Little do they understand that it isn’t how we move that makes a difference. It’s the fact that we do move. Our movements can become an incredible dance.

One of my friends loves God. The only time he will dance is when he’s worshipping the Lord. He will be the first to tell you that he can’t dance. The truth is that dancing for God comes easily to him but dancing for enjoyment causes him to feel like he’s not a good dancer.

Two of my other friends are really good dancers. Me? I’m one of the ones that used to dance a lot but now not so much. Oh I do some serious dancing and jamming in my car. The rest of the dances? Well, let’s just say that I would definitely feel out of my element trying to dance in a ballroom, in the club, or anywhere else.

Kids are great with dance. Many of them get out there, dance their hearts out, and just have fun. Some kids have more fun with dance than others. I think it’s a lot like adults. The only difference is that when you are a kid, you are expected to have more fun than when you are grown. Maybe that’s why dancing is one of the few things that transcends into adulthood. When a person dances, they can express their joys, their sorrow, their pain, their frustration, their love, their artistic side and most importantly, themselves. You don’t have to label dance to know that it can be very expressive.

Dancing is therapeutic. It can help alleviate tension in your body. I’ve always loved classic rock. That doesn’t mean I always dance to it but I love the beat. I love how it can make me move and make me try moves like Tom Cruise did in the “Risky Business” movie. There’s always movies that get me motivated. I’m partial to the Step Up series because they make me feel like dancing. There’s no way on God’s green earth I’ll ever be able to copy the moves that were done in the performances, but it makes me energized. It truly makes me want to dance.

Some of the kids in my church love dancing. They do routines throughout the year and always manage to put a smile on the faces of those who watch. Just like music and dance help many of us in our lives, their dancing is giving way to more self confidence, growth, understanding that they can reach for the impossible, and great moral support. Some of these young kids may join a dance company if they continue to excel at their craft. Others will dance for fun. The point is that they dance.

Love has a lot to do with dance too. When we are feeling emotions of love, it makes many of us want to dance with joy. When our hearts get broken, the desire to do much of anything becomes more difficult and the love that we feel impacts our movement. Our dances in life become interesting at times and at other times painful to watch. Nevertheless, the dance isn’t just a dance. It’s a journey into movement. A heartbeat if you will. That one moment in time where nothing else matters but our expression into the universe with our bodies and souls.

Many people have fallen in and out of love while dancing. It’s a special link that can make or break couples. Individually, it has the power to leave a memorable mark on all those who either dance it, or watch. But when it brings a couple together, the dance itself can create significant sparks, or it can drown them before the spark ever ignites. Sometimes it can even douse out the spark while it burns.

Dancing doesn’t care what age you are. Dance because it’s fun. Dance for the joy in life. Just Dance.

Did you know that even nature dances? Watch the movement of the trees and bushes when the wind blows. The wind causes everything to move slowly, quickly, gracefully, twisted, contorted, horizontally, vertically, etc. Flowers do their own dance when they are in bloom. Even the rain and snow have their own dances when it falls from the sky.

Animals even dance. Many times they do this when they are happy and want to show their love and appreciation. It may not be the typical way of dance but they do it in their own way and their tails definitely dance. The flame of a candle dances.

There will always be reasons to cry on this earth. Yet, through it all, the tears are a celebration of things. Those tears bring way to their own dance. Sometimes, we cry tears of joy like at weddings, or the birth of a child. Sometimes we have gotten our hearts broken and sometimes we just want to dance.

Dancing knows no age limit. It doesn’t care what disability you have. You may be limited with certain disabilities but you can still dance. You don’t have to dance well. You do have to allow yourself the opportunity to dance. Give yourself a chance. Allow yourself to dance. You might find that there is more joy through dancing than just tapping your toes. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel bad about your moves. Dancing is about life. It’s about expression. Finally it’s about time. It’s time to “let the music play and just dance.”

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