Rays of Hope

Yesterday, one of my closest friends and I got together to do some catching up. As we were en route, we noticed how the sky looked like it had multiple rays oozing out of the clouds. We made the comment that it looked like it’s own portal for the stairways to heaven. Of course, we know there really isn’t a stairway to heaven but the rays of hope that the clouds had were another different topic all together.

When you look to the clouds, what do you see? Some folks see the animal shapes, others see planets, aliens, angels, etc. In my mind, there are all kinds of various objects that the clouds and it’s rays remind me of. Yet, through all of it, the rays are the most calming for me. There is something to be said for the rays of the sun hitting the clouds and showing it’s magnificance through objects. We happened to be in the car when we first spotted this.

There’s nothing like the rays of sunshine to give you rays of hope.

All of sudden my mind started thinking of all kinds of lyrics that would go great with this sight. Of course, I was driving and if any of you ever have great ideas that come at the worst possible time you will understand why there was frustration that I wouldn’t remember. My friend and I talked about its beauty. Then we got on other subjects. I won’t bore you with the details because it’s really no one else’s business but ours. But in that brief time, we both had the chance to think about something other than our own issues and see the beauty in front of us.

Do any of you ever get like that? You can be so overwhelmed with life’s issues that you forget just how much beauty there is in the world? Sometimes we get so inundated that we can’t see the rays that have opened up for us. Often times, our own reflections are overlooked because we get too occupied to even notice the little things like our own shadow. It’s only when we are forced to look at the way of the world, that we see things with new eyes.

Most of you know I am writing for a lot of different reasons. The main one is that I know I’m not alone in this journey of struggles. There are some days where getting out of bed has been a struggle but it’s been worth it because there have been a lot of new connections made. People are always making an impact in my life.

At the park yesterday, I noticed a father and daughter walking together. The little girl couldn’t have been more than two. The father doted on her and you could tell the love they shared. They were each others peas in the pod. You could see her trust him with the “Daddy put me on your shoulders.” He happily obliged. She had him wrapped around her little finger and he loved every second of it. She was his ray of hope. There was nothing that bothered them in that period of time. They were relishing each other’s company and enjoying the laughter in life.

We then stumbled across three women with a beagle mix. My friend has one herself and she oohed and awed over the cute dog. There’s something about animals. They seem to be able to have a good people radar versus bad ones because the dog took to her right away. It was very hot and all of us were trying to get our exercise in without passing out but the scenery we all encountered along the way was other rays of hope. The beagle wanted to get done with the walk because it was tired and thirsty. We all understood all too well.

Not everything will be good rays. Sometimes there will be storms in life that seem like the rays will never seep through. Storms are like life. They last for a little while but something new always comes from them just like something is usually taken away. That’s kind of a morbid thought but it’s reality. What we do with the moments that the rays come in are up to us.

If you haven’t taken time to watch a sunset or a sunrise, I highly recommend doing so. There is a calming factor that takes place observing these things. It gives one a chance to put in perspective their day and sort through their thoughts. Sometimes, noticing the rays will help you see things in a completely new light.

If there are storms coming through in your life with nature or just in your own personal dwelling, look for the rays. They may shine on opportunities and things that you never would have noticed otherwise.

Sometimes our darkest moments have rays of hope that we never expected.

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