Little Rhythm, Tons of Heart

Are you one of the many people who see others dance? I think “Wow, they got some serious rhythm!?” Or are you one of those people like me who can feel the music deep inside their bones and soul and can’t really dance but doesn’t really care. The music moves and it makes you want to move. It makes us move faster, more in sync, and a little peppier depending on the musical selection. I envy those who can dance as if the air carries them. They are the folks whom I wish I could emulate. Instead, I dance just to dance. I sing when I’m happy, many times off-key.

I have to have music in the background when I work. Otherwise, I feel like something is missing. It changes my mood from irritable to a steady rhythm. One that doesn’t define what or how I do a job. Instead, it makes the day just a little more tolerable. I think that’s what makes having one’s heart and rhythm work so well together. We as people are a masterpiece of music, art, and dance. Our skills are untapped. Many of us strive to be the best, while there are even more folks who are content to stay in the background while others shine.

I think this is why musical rhythm is just one type of rhythm we experience. Did you know that everything on this earth is a form of the arts? Some things are created with beauty for us to admire. Other things are attributed to hard work, sweat, dedication, and consistency. A play takes an entire community of folks to create a performance. A dance recital has so many people that work behind the scenes to make the dancers stand out. Musicians spend hours and hours of practice trying to perfect the note, the ambience, the heart of their performance. and yet throughout all of these practices, the outside world only sees what’s on the stage or on film.

It’s difficult for all of us to see ourselves on any platform. We have so many things that are positive. We show the world what we want to present. When things in our lives are going excellent we tell the world, but when things go down hill, we tend to clam up. We don’t let the rhythm show the rawness and vulnerability that we live. Our truth becomes a cover up. We have our own covert operation of maintaining a certain perception that we believe others expect of us.

Music is in my blood. It’s as much a part of my life as the blood that keeps pumping in my body. There is not a time in the day that I don’t let music in. My mind is a concert playing even when there is no radio, no MP3, no phone, or other technological gizmo that allows me to play tunes. I hear the music from my favorite artists all the time. My problem is that I love every genre of music.

Did you know that every single machine on this earth has music programmed in it? I’m not joking. Even machines that are in hospitals have a musical sound. Don’t expect the machines to play your favorite tunes or songs. If you listen to them, you will hear the rhythmic sound they offer. When I had surgery over a year ago, I had a ton of machines around me. They were all beeping. They all played their own versions of music. Believe me when you are laying in a hospital bed waiting on the nurses/tech team to come out and wheel you into surgery, you have a lot of time to listen to machines.

My mind is a ton of musical films. I often like to say that the best movies are the ones that we haven’t seen yet because they are still etched in people’s imaginations. I had this really cool movie playing in my head recently. It was the type of movie where imagination and reality more than likely won’t meet but it was still super cool. I dreamed that I had been able to turn back time. I found myself on a beach while still in my 20’s. As I walked upon the shore, there was a button embedded in the sand. Only a select group of folks were able to find this button. Out of curiosity, I pushed the button. The next thing I knew I was being transported into the ocean by a future car that could take me to the deepest depth of the ocean. The car drove through the ocean but as the car was driving, I noticed the water wasn’t touching the car. It was opening a portal for an actual highway that led to a super city. As the car got closer to the building at the bottom of the ocean, I noticed what appeared to be a separate world. It was filled with valet’s, celebrities, and influential advisors.

My jaw was literally hitting the floor when I looked around me. After all, this was just a dream wasn’t it? In the dream I gulped hard, and touched my mouth with my hand. I transformed and didn’t even know it. I had gone from a pair of shorts and t-shirt to wearing a gown and shoes that I wouldn’t be caught dead in (at least in my current world), because these were high heels, not sneakers, not flats, high heels and I wore them with confidence. I was dressed for success. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had gone from looking like the tomboy that I normally am, to a very attractive woman. The transformation gave me a black dress that showed off the curves and body of a woman who knew how to get what she wanted. It was the complete opposite of who I am in my every day world.

A young gentleman walked up to me and asked me for my name which I then gave him. He takes me to a table for VIP’s. Why on earth was I going to a VIP table? The answer would soon be given. I was being given an opportunity that very few people would ever receive. I could choose a life in this utopian world and acquire more power, riches and opportunities than I ever dreamed possible. The only way I could stay though was to choose immortality. I had to be willing to sacrifice my soul in order to live a life in a community where there was no crime, no bills, no climate issues, no violence, and no fear. It was a tempting offer. One that I really thought about. Then I thought as nice as the offer was, did I really want to be immortal? Did I really want to give up my soul?

As strange as it may seem, I chose to go back to where I came from. It felt like an out of body alien encounter experience. When I woke from the dream, I realized it was just a dream but the underlying message spoke volumes to me. The dream wasn’t about success. It wasn’t really about soul searching, it was about living your life to the rhythm that you hear and feel. It’s about creating your own music, opportunities, art, etc., and growing to be the best person that you can. Most importantly, it was about trusting your gut to grow intellectually, spiritually, unequivocally. It’s even about loving yourself enough to know that you are enough. You don’t have to know the answers to everything and try to control every situation for you to be a success. Every person who touches your life and vice versa, creates a success. Every action that we have through ourselves and others teaches us how to prevent mistakes and even if we don’t prevent them, then we learn.

That’s what having heart does. It’s heart that helps us keep our rhythm. It’s heart that helps us compete, love, laugh, empathize, sympathize, memorialize, and strengthen our bonds with each other and our communities of people/animals, etc.,. Heart is not something that can be taught. Kindess and heart are a portion of the things we require to keep evolving. Morals and values are tested daily. If we stay true to ourselves, then there’s no reason that we can’t be true to our hearts. Our hearts and our guts work well together if we let them. It’s when we stop listening to our gut that we get into trouble.

Listen to your surroundings. What music can you hear? Can you see a movie in your mind that’s yet to be filmed? Do you see a painting that has yet to be created? What about other dances? Are you dancing to music with a routine yet to be experienced by the world? Will you start to put your dreams into action? I hope so. I hope everyone can create their own masterpieces. I dream of a day that we can all be a little nicer to one another without the fear of violence.

Be good to each other.

A little bit of rhythm can bring lots of heart to our lives.

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