Ever Feel Like an Idiot?

I have had one of those weeks that I like to call my idiot syndrome week. I made a lot of bad decisions with the best of intentions and I still came out with a lot of egg all over my face. I hate having people get upset with me and yet I seem to excel at bringing out the anger in folks.

Sound familiar? Maybe. Maybe not. But I would be willing to bet that we have all experienced those feelings at some point. My mouth gets me in trouble. I went back to school to learn a trade that I’m fairly decent with and tried to use those skills to help someone I love with something that I knew I could make a difference on. They got angry. I felt like a complete and utter loser.

It’s always different when it affects us through our loved ones. Maybe it’s because we just don’t want to disappoint them and end up disappointing ourselves worse. I tend to feel a lot like Eeyore some days. There comes a point where you get kicked around so much that everything truly feels like no one notices or cares.

My favorite thing (dripping with sarcasm) is for folks to tell me to not let things get to me. They tell me to take it in stride and not dwell on the negative energy. Unfortunately for me, this is much easier said than done. Many times I have to start walking away from folks who can’t say or do anything pleasant. I don’t want to disappoint my loved ones and yet I have this inner fight all the time that tells me that I’m not good enough. Then I’m exposed to several people that I care deeply for, and they are all so stressed that I get their wrath on top of my own.

Sometimes I should ask myself before I do things but it’s always easier said than done.

Its through these things that we have to ask ourselves what we are doing wrong that makes others angry. In my case I don’t always think before I speak. My actions are not always the best way to go. Identifying problem areas are one way to start addressing them. I’m aware of my flaws. I’m also aware I can’t fix anyone else, only myself.

So how do you combat feeling like an idiot? A lot of folks would say think before you act. And that’s great advice but in a perfect world we would never do anything like an idiot. The world is not perfect. It’s filled with flaws that are not always easily fixed. As a society, we are conditioned to be like machines. Even machines break down. They have bad days. The hardest part of knowing yourself is knowing when to breathe. Our bodies require us to exercise. We exercise our bodies, our brains, and even our hearts. When we allow love into our lives, we are growing.

Being an idiot is not uncommon. You show me a single person on this earth who hasn’t done something idiotic at some point in their lives and I’ll show you perfection. It doesn’t exist. Not a single person on this earth is a true idiot. Yet our actions don’t always reflect this. We can have idiotic behavior and still be normal. (Whatever that really is.)

The fact remains that when we get overwhelmed, we don’t make good decisions. When we are in a lot of emotional turmoil, our judgment is clouded. We have to remember to take the time we need to decompress. None of us are perfect. We have to remember that life is fragile. Loving and caring for others doesn’t make us idiots. Acting on impulse, however innocent, can come back and be one of the most idiotic or most intelligent things we could do.

Even when you have done something idiotic, learn to dust off the negative energy. Otherwise, it will consume you to the point of no return. Be mindful of your actions. Learn from them. In the process, continue to do some idiotic things. It may not always make you feel good but in the grand scheme of things, it will change how you view your own actions. I’m not telling you to go jump out of a window or bridge. Just don’t be afraid to take chances even when others may not understand. You can’t grow if you don’t try.

Be good to each other this week. You never know how your actions will affect someone else.

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